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среда, 23 февраля 2011 г.

Movie-icon: “Muse” Brigitte Bardot

Movies with Brigitte Bardot have been the most favorite godsend for getting fashion ideas for quite a long time. 

In the motion picture by Roger Vadim “And God Created a Woman” («Et Dieu… créa la femme») Bardot appears as a beautiful, young obstinate orphan who lives by the seashore. 

She inspires all the men of the town (both poor and rich) to act in the weirdest ways and most of all she adores food, sun and dances. Actress walks barefoot, demonstrating her perfect feet, listens to music and dresses pretty outright gowns throughout the whole movie. 

Left: Brigitte Bardot in film “And God Created a Woman” 
Right: Model Abbey Lee Kershaw

Buttons on cotton dress and tiny ballerina shoes is an elegant image for spring cycling. 

Sensual and serious part Bardot performed in “Contempt” («Le Mepris») by Godard. The gowns and coiffures of the central character – a young wife who lacks her husband’s attention and her own interests, change as the scenario goes by. 

Dark headband on Bardot’s gorgeous fair hair, black eyeliner and a waist skirt that emphasizes actress’s perfect shapes…For me it’s the most inspiring look in the movie. 

Rouge Chanel Allure

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