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Movie-icon: “The Queen” Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was born 2 November 1755 in Vienna (Austria). At the age of 14 she was married off to the French crown prince Louis XIV.  She was well-known for being a rare beauty and extravagant fashionmonger despite of her short reign.  In France she brought into vogue provocative “gowns for polonaise” with deep breast-exposing décolleté, magnificent fluffy skirts baring ankles and three feet long coiffures covered in powder, decorated with all kinds of veils and jewels.  All these she wore for ordinary walks in the city, which occurred to be catching for aristocracy of that time. All the good documented annual entries of expenses on clothes and autobiographical notes state that queen never wore anything twice. 

In the motion picture by Sofia Coppola “Marie Antoinette” in order to create an image of “queen-teenager” were used extraordinary beautiful gowns and hefty appetitive French sweets. In one of the scenes one might see Converse shoes that were remained on purpose so one could draw an analogy with an ordinary teenage girl of our times.  

Of course queen’s life was not that much serene and joyful, but photographers and designers adore to use this image for joyous and “sweet” magazine photo sessions. Like, for instance, the founders of fashionable American brand WILDFOX COUTURE, inspired by beautiful books, fairy-tales, dreams and impressive historical personage shot promotion campaign under the slogan «Vive la France».

Translated by Toma

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