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среда, 2 марта 2011 г.

Movie-Icon: Federico Fellini's Heroines

The spectacular fair-haired beauty Anita Ekberg stars in Federico Fellini's outstanding movie "Dolce Vita". In the movie she plays the role of a Hollywood actress of both strong health and infinite beauty. The actress's beauty is even further accented by her attire. Decollete dresses sit tightly against her thighs, exposing her legs and creating the inspiring image of a true movie-star able to see beauty in every moment.

Another famous actress, brunette Anouk Aimee co-stars in the film playing the role of a rich socialite. Suffering and bored in a sea of relentless suitors and opportunity, she is in constant search for something more. Her weekdays consist mostly of idleness and camera flashes. With "cat-eye" sunglasses, exquisite brooch jewelery and high-necked, knee-length dresses (like Jackie Kennedy), she is slightly less extravagant than Anita, but of more elegance.  

Both heroines have the same tendency in their make-up: black "cat eyes", pale skin and skin-colored lipstick. Astonishing black dresses accent their beautiful body curves. The materials they made of are lace, chiffon and silk. 
The first heroine personifies health and  joy of life, the second one embodies an abyss that leads to an absolute self-destruction. The prolonged ascent up the cathedral steps  in daylight makes Ekberg's heroine even more elusive and desirable for the main character, while a strange nocturnal walk with Anouk's heroine plunges into the state of despair. However, it seems that it was the last image to inspire Steven Meisel, the genius of photography, to make a "Dolce Vita" photo-shoot. 

Translated by Toma

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